What do *I* want from a blog?

Features that I would like on a blog:

  • Good API support (MetaWeblog, MovableType, Bloxsom)
  • Python!
  • reStructuredText support
  • Good looking

From these features, the first two I’m trying to get from
CMFWeblog. It’s code is not that clean, but I’m working to improve
it. The next one (reStructuredText support) could be implemented on
the server-side, but I’ve got it working on Pyrite (it does convert
reST to HTML before uploading). The last one is something that has yet
to come. Particularly, I fell in love with Laura Trippi’s
blog. That’s how I want my blog to look like. The combo of fonts
and colors makes it an amazing graphical experience. After all, it
doesn’t mean that just because I use only console tools on my
Tangerine iBook running Linux that I don’t like good looking stuff. I
do like good CSS work, and I just prefer console stuff because it
feels more productive and more integrated to me (also because MacOS X
doesn’t run exactly smoothly on a G3 300MHz, but that’s another


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