The Quest for the Python Mascot

When I started this blog, I had an idea of how I wanted it to look
like. I wanted it to look more or less like Laura Trippi’s blog and I
wanted it to have a small picture of the Python Mascot at the bottom,
much like the little skull at the bottom of XML-RPC.Com.

So, I the first part as you can see I already got. It’s not anywere
near Laura Trippi’s blog, but its looking good enough to keep me quiet
for a while. Then I started by Googling around to see if I would find
the said snake. After 27 pages of hits, nothing. Oh well, better ask

Then, I asked on the #plone channel. Nothing. Seems like the only
snake those guys know is the one on ZopeZen. But that’s not the one
snake I’m looking for either. What I want is the
funny-little-weird-icon-look-a-like snake that is being used as the
favicon for

This got me puzzled. WTF, I said. So, no one cares about the funny
Python Mascot?

As my last resort, I tried asking Guido itself, which quickly pointed
me out to Barry Warsaw. Now, while I’m waiting for Barsaw’s answer, I
realized something: maybe the little snake location is a secret only
known by the Python Secret Underground members. Humm…

/me goes fire off an email to Martijn Faassen…


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