Achetypes Documentation: SQLStorage HOWTO by Joel Burton

Whoa. Now that’s something I wasn’t really expecting. I open my Inbox
this morning and what I find there? A 63K reST file by Joel
. And what was inside it? The biggest HOWTO on Archetypes I’ve
ever seen.

From this file, that I’ve just put in CVS, I generated HTML, TEX and
PDF versions, which can be found at the usual place.

Now hold on your breath: the PDF version is 24 pages long! Now
that’s documentation. I could never imagine that something that me
and Lalo wrote on two or three days would someday turn ito something
so big. Burton even compares it to Ape! And more than that! Burton
preferred Archetypes over Ape!

Ok, that’s too much for me. All I have to say is: Thank you very much
Mr. Burton, for bringing light to where before there was only

Update 1: Limi pointed out that it sounded like me and Lalo wrote
Archetypes. That is not true (although we put quite some effort on
it). I was talking about the SQLStorage, which me and Lalo wrote from

Update 2: Also, for people that didn’t noticed, the Archetypes
is always available at the following URL:


2 thoughts on “Achetypes Documentation: SQLStorage HOWTO by Joel Burton

  1. Could you put the Archetypes docs somewhere?
    Also, the way you wrote it, it looks like you and Lalo wrote Archetypes, and that the links are for Archetypes, but they are really for SQLStorage :)
    — Alexander Limi

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