I’m still alive! (or: TALES from the crypt)

Just so you know, I haven’t died. No, no. I’m still alive and
breathing. I just have been buried in a flood of work in the last 3
days. More about it later.

Just so you know, I’m working on the following stuff:

  • Archetypes (trying to get 1.0 out of the door)
  • Zope 3 (a project for another company, doing integration with
    SQLObject and having only one object in the ZODB)
  • CMFCommerce refactoring (we’re making a local mini-sprint over the
    weekend on this)

Lots of cool stuff, but it sucks your time so badly it makes it hard
to follow the cool stuff that is going on out there.

For an example, see the RDF TALES Syntax that Arnia is
proposing. That’s really cool stuf and I would love to see this
working in the near future.

It does also fit on a bigger idea that we have been discussing in the
background for a few months, of a big repository of content (how-tos,
bug trackers, news items, people information) organized semantically,
and managed with a XUL-based GUI. Neat stuff. I can’t wait to get it


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