Movies Review

Probably you don’t know, but I really love watching movies, and after
a couple months without a good movie arriving around here, I had
almost given up on trying to find something. So, I gave it some time,
cause it felt like the movie season had not arrived yet.

So, the sunday before last, I went to cinema and watched Finding
with my gf. She loves this kind of movie, and I also don’t
dislike it. To my surprise, it was an excelent movie, with a
touching story, amazing characters and excelent humor. The only funny
thing about it is that we were probably the only 18+ people in the
theater that were not taking a kid to see the movie. :P

Following that, it was my time to choose the movie, so on the Wed I’ve
rent The Hours. I must say, a wonderful, but complex movie. Not
that I’ve found it too complex, but when my gf sleeps during the movie
it is certainly complex. Nicole Kidman is irrecognizable in this
movie, as Virginia Woolf, a writer in the 20’s trying to start a book
in the middle of a depression. Mrs. Kidman acts wonderfully in this
movie, and I’ve got really impressed.

OTOH, on Birthday Girl, which I saw this Sat, she doesn’t look that
great of an actress. But that may be because of the story, which is
not the kind of movie that I like. Again, my gf choose that one.

Then, an exceptionally nice movie, My First Mister, with Leelee
Sobieski, about a girl with lots of problems that happens to fall in
love with a man many years older than her, then ends up turning into a
nice girl and starts talking with her mother again. Leelee is amazing
in this movie, with a really dark look, and aggressive
behavior. Completely different from the scared little girl in The
Glass House

And finally, Moonlight Mile, which looks like an excelent movie,
but I haven’t really finished watching it. I was too tired at the
time, but I plan to finish it tonight. The story is about a boy that
was about to marry, and then the bride dies in a strange
happening. The boy ends up living with his ex-parents-in-law, but
falls in love with the local mail lady. I can’t tell for sure that is
a nice movie without finishing it, but it was certainly nice for the
first hour, specially the scene where the boy dances with the girl at
a bar while playing the title’s song (performed by The Rolling
Stones). I wonder why I’ve never heard that song, being a Stones-fan
as much as I am. I think it must be a new song.


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