Archetypes 1.0.1 Released

Archetypes 1.0.1 was just released. This a bugfix release, which
solves many issues related to the use of ExternalEditor with
TextFields, as well as the PrimaryFieldMarshaller. There are going to
be probably one or two more releases before ceasing development on the
1.0 branch, but they will be primarily bugfixes. From now on,
development focuses Archetypes 1.1, which will contain many
improvements on the i18n field. The HEAD will be undergoing deep
changes in the next days, were we will be working at the Castle Sprint
on a tentative to make Archetypes use Ape as a storage layer. See
here for more info. We are probably going to be breaking python 2.1
compatibility as well.

The latest version of the docs is available at the usual place, as
well as included on the tarball.


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