Live from the Castle Sprint: day 2

So, this is the second day of the Castle Sprint, and all the the
teams made quite some progress. It’s really nice to see stuff
flowing, and how much can be achieved at a sprint.

I’m sitting here, in a nice sofa, taking some notes about stuff that
we did and stuff that there is still to do.

The Castle is a really nice place to stay, and I think that for me its
being an unforgettable experience to hang out there with those guys,
and be able to discuss stuff face-to-face with folks like Kapil. We
spent quite some hours this evening discussing ideas for the
versioning stuff thats probably going to be integrated into Plone 1.1

Checkout the nice photos.

I’m a bit unhappy that I wasn’t able to do anything useful beyond
discussing versioning and jumping from team to team, and answer some
questions for the folks doing Archetypes documentation. I hope the
situation will improve tomorrow, as Kapil invited me to help him on
the metadata effort, and we figured out that it will probably be
reusable for schema editing in Archetypes (a.k.a. TTW Archetypes).

I’ve spent some time with Bernhard from 4teamwork looking at how
TTWTypes does its stuff, using Formulator, and I’ve realized that
that’s exactly what we want to do for Archetypes. So, I’ve got Paul
interested on it, and we are going to try it (I actually have to find
him and ask about it), try to do it before the weekend, because Paul
said he’s probably need to leave on the Sunday, as he is accompanied
by his wife.

So, enough about today. I still have to write about the trip and the
first day at the castle, which was on itself a completely different adventure.


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