Live from the Castle Sprint: Day 4

So, I’ve been quite busy on the last two days, working on getting TTW
started, which proved to be a nice idea. I’ve sit down with
Paul Everitt and Godefroid Chapelle to define the XML we should be
using for it, and writing an RelaxNG schema to validate it. So,
yesterday we wrote the schema, which they refined today, while I was
creating the fields/widgets/validators registries, which would be used
for holding the set of stuff available for later generating the XML.

They’ve got pretty far, by using XSLT (or is that XLST? I never remember) to generate a XUL UI from the
XML. It was pretty cool to see it.

So, I’ve got all my stuff checked in, and its pretty late here (about
4am), while in Brazil its a bit before midnight. I haven’t really got
used to the timezone change yet ;)

I’ve been also talking with Kapil about his subversive ideas on a
Subversion browser based on Plone. He showed me some nice stuff
already working, and I was really impressed with it. I mean, I didn’t
know such thing was possible to do, and its really really nice stuff.


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