Free Archetypes Article

Just received a note from the ZopeMag editor telling me that the
Archetypes Article will be freely available. Thats cool
indeed. Quoting him:

Its part of our committment to the Plone community to deliver
as much introductory material as we can for free.

ZopeMag has steadily increased the amount of free docs
we release (even thought the development was not free).
As our subscriber base grows we hope to be able to release
even more docs for free.

Another hail for you Mark!

UPDATE from Mark Pratt:

Thank you! I need to correct one minor bit. Peter Germain is
ZopeMag’s editor. I’m just his faithful sidekick ;-)


2 thoughts on “Free Archetypes Article

  1. Small(ish) problem with the article
    I noticed a problem with the article.
    The first line of the script says:
    from Products.Article.config import PROJECTNAME,GLOBALS
    but there is no mention of what the GLOBALS should be in the config file. I removed that part from the import clause and it did the trick. The product seems to be working fine without it ( well, I managed to add the product to my Plone test site and create new articles with it).
    Perhaps it isn’t needed?

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