Dark, Darkest, Darko

After a long wait I finally watched Donnie Darko last sunday, at
Kiko’s house. As everything that happens with me, by accident ;)

Kiko left home earlier for a quick run, and I slept till around
10AM. Woke up, had breakfast and sat on the sofa, waiting for him to
come back. He was taking too long already, so I decided to bite the
bullet and watch the movie. It was kind of sad, because Kiko had
ripped a DivX from the DVD and sent me by snail mail around a month and a half
earlier, and I was there after that time, watching it straight from the
DVD. :)

I really enjoyed the movie. It is interesting how it pictures the thin
and fragile line that separates reality from sickness. Also, time
travel is a subject that always get my attention, which reminds me I
need to ask Guido to borrow me his time machine sometime soon and —
that brings me to an intersting question — where does he parks his
time machine? I bet it takes quite some space to hide it.


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