Desktop Linux and the Tipping Point

Everytime I see an article mentioning the tipping point it reminds
me of Paul Everitt and Crossing the Chasm for some reason. Here’s an
article that puts together some concerns on whether Linux will reach
the tipping point on the Desktop market.

Personally I’m on the technical workstation group. I’ve been using
Linux as my desktop for around 3 years now, and I’ve never regret
it. It makes me more productive, specially since I’ve been using
Ion as my window manager. As a side note, I’ve been thinking about it
yesterday, and I have an interesting point to make: from all the
python gurus I’ve had the pleasure to work with, I learnt very few
python tricks from them. Instead, the thing that I learnt more about
was how to be a more productive person using simple Linux tools on my
. Isn’t this interesting? First, I’m not sure if it was Paul
or Lalo who taught me into Emacs. Then, Jim told me about ctags. Lalo
pushed me into using ssh-agent, mutt, procmail and fetchmail. Kiko
pushed me to use Ion. It’s very nice to look back and see how much it
has improved since then. (Just as a side note, before all of that, I
used to use KDE, and Quanta as my Python editor sigh).

What’s your opinion? Will Desktop Linux reach the tipping point? Are
you the technical workstation kind of user? What are your preferred

OT: I’ve been working on a schema editor for Archetypes which is
codenamed ArcheBuilder. More on it next week, as I have to run
now. Check the preview here (Mozilla-based browser required):



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