Archetypes 1.2.0 final Released

The Archetypes Team is proud to present the Archetypes 1.2.0 final
release. This release is a recommended upgrade for everyone using
Archetypes 1.0.x as it brings a whole set of improvements which also
include security and some unicode handling fixes.

What is Archetypes?

Archetypes (formerly known as CMFTypes) is a framework designed to
facilitate the building of applications for Plone and CMF. Its main
purpose is to provide a common method for building content objects,
based on schema definitions. Fields can be grouped for editing,
making it very simple to create wizard-like forms.

If you are new to Archetypes, you can also check the free introductory
Archetypes article, published in ZopeMag:

Changes since 1.0.1:

  • Revisited security permissions

  • New BSD-like licensing option (1.0.2 – 1.2.0beta1 were licensed
    under the GPL)

  • The new BaseUnit is used by default now. The old one is still
    available but will be removed on the next release

  • Added VariableSchemaSupport

  • Multi-Catalog support (one catalog per portal type)

  • Improved mime-type detection when uploading files

  • New test suite, based on ZopeTestCase

  • Templates are now using the Plone 2.0 style (which makes them
    somewhat unusable under Plone 1.0.x, unfortunately)

  • Should be usable with plain CMF (though not as pretty :)

  • Added registries for Widgets, Fields, Types, Validators (missing
    Storage registry, will be added on 1.2.1)

  • DisplayList is now public, meaning you can import it from a Script

  • ‘visible’ setting on Widgets should work now

  • It is possible to specify the Image class on the ImageField now,
    thanks to Jeff Kunce

  • Extended fields index attribute syntax to support extra arguments.
    That allows for instance to add a ZCTextIndex:

    index='ZCTextIndex, lexicon_id=lexicon, index_type=Okapi BM25 Rank'
  • Added several interface tests, thanks to Tiran

  • Should work with External Editor in most of the cases

  • Should work with WebDAV if you have a PrimaryFieldMarshaller, and
    set ‘primary = 1’ on a TextField

  • Default marshaller is RFC822Marshaller, which marshalls all the
    fields as RFC822-style headers, plus the primary field as the body
    of the document.

  • Added some initial support for the ArcheBuilder. This is in
    its very very initial state, but you can read about the plans at
    this url

As of beta3, ArchGenXML is included in this tarball. Here’s a short
description of ArchGenXML:

ArchGenXML is a commandline utility that generates Plone
applications based on the Archetypes framework from XMI (UML)
and XSD (XMLSchema) files.

It is tested with the XMI output from the following tools:
ObjectDomain, Sybase PowerDesigner, ArgoUML, Poseidon, KDE’s



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