Publisher Inventory 1.0.0 Released

Just made the first release of Publisher Inventory, a product that was
developed for a customer, and has been living in CVS for almost one
year wink.

Here’s some info, straight from README:

Publisher Inventory Product

This product was developed by RUNYAGA, LLC to serve as an Inventory
Management System (IMS) for Publishers. It has several nice features
such as:

  • TTW Configurable Vocabularies
  • Uses PostgreSQLStorage if available, fallback to AttributeStorage
    (specify connection string on portal creation)
  • Restriction of types allowed to be created at the portal root
  • Subclasses Plone Portal and registers it’s own Customization Policy
    for better branding
  • Provides a ‘DynamicFTI’, which controls which types are available
    for adding into a folderish type via a module level variable.
  • Filtering of searches, allowing to export search results to a .csv file
  • Pluggable .csv reports, just add a Script (Python) to
    publisher_reports on portal_skins
  • Uses Archetypes’s autogenerated search widgets on frontpage, as well
    as a categorized menu of ‘addable items’.

It should serve as a nice example of using advanced Archetypes
features and how to explore some CMF features as the FTI.

The product is licensed under the GPL.

Get the tarball.


2 thoughts on “Publisher Inventory 1.0.0 Released

  1. What’s it for?
    Hi – could you tell me what Publisher Inventory Product is useful for – what its intended use is, and the likely benefits to user/corporate management/developer. Also, perhaps, in which different application areas is it likely to be re-usable.
    avidly, David

  2. well…
    It’s all explained in the README, and quote on this post. I have no idea of where it should be useful, but at least as an example of a big Archetypes-based feature using some interesting features.

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