Notes from an ex-Single

Wedding went exceptionally nice. Much better than I expected. I have
two pictures only for now, which I found on my brother’s blog.

I expect to have more pictures sometime soon, and when the DVD gets
ready I will post a ripped version online for those interested :)

Being married has been a very interesting experience, except that we
aren’t fully experiencing it, because the new home is not ready
yet. We are still living on my wife’s parents house. I expect that
everything will be ready by the end of April, if all goes well.

Oh, the honeymoon was also exceptional. We went to a beach called
Canasvieiras, on the island of Florianopolis. The location was
stunning, and we had a good time there. We’ve been on a pirate boat,
on a visit to some other islands where they have Portuguese
fortifications from the 15-16th century and then again on a smaller
boat trying to find dolphins. Unfortunately the wind was not nice, and
we didn’t find any dolphin. The hotel was also amazing, and I think
its the perfect place for organizing the Brazilian Sprint we’ve been
talking about for so long. More information about that on the coming weeks.


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