Magical Mistery Tour

Leaving 3pm today to Europe. Going to Zurich, taking a train to
St. Margrethen, then a ride to Vorarlberg. 3 days sprinting at the
mountains. Going to look at Calendaring and CMFViews.

Sunday, night train to Vienna. Lecture on WebDAV at PloneConf monday after
lunch. ZopeMag is kindly publishing the article for free (layout
still unfinished at this time). Hanging out with the Zope
demigods. Meeting Martijn Faassen, Jim Fulton and a couple others for
the first time.

Thursday, leaving to Brno, staying at the house of some guys from
#zope-cz. Friday in Praha. Saturday in Dresden, visiting philiKON
(gotta get started with reviewing that book sigh). And then visiting
Berlin on Sunday-Monday, possibly staying at philiKON’s parents.

Daiane, my wife, is coming with me. And so is Fabiano, my ex-coworker
and long-term friend. He’s never been to Europe before, and he’s also
giving two talks on PloneMall, at the PloneConf and OSCOM.


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