WebDAV with Nautilus and Plone

Seems like someone heard my pray. Johan Dahlin, of PyGTK fame, has
been writing some bindings for the "new" nautilus extension API. Some
examples can be found here.

I’ve tried it out, to see if it would be easy to create a property
page for exposing some information about Plone using our slightly
modified davlib. Not surprisingly, it was a breeze. Except for one or
two things that need to be solved (like getting the current password
from gnome.vfs) it looks way cool. I hope that someone will step up
to fund a Linux version of our Plone Desktop product.

Here’s a screenshot of the property page (note the same keywords
displayed in Plone are displayed in Nautilus), nicely integrated
within Nautilus, and here’s the source for the extension that creates
the property page.

BTW, if you haven’t yet, checkout my article on WebDAV and Plone on
Issue 9 of ZopeMag.


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