I’m back in the saddle again

After a long (~3mo) downtime, I finally got the site up again. Took so
long because the old hard drive died (too much heat), and the people
in charge of replacing it were just too lazy.

Upside is that I managed to get the site running on Zope 2.8 from the
five-integration branch with almost no glitches. That on itself is
good enough news. I had to do only two things to get the site working

  1. Remove Data.fs.index (not really required, but ZEO complained about
    not being able to load it because of the missing BTree modules)
  2. Call portal_catalog/manage_convertIndexes, after changing
    CMFCore/CatalogTool.catalog_object to accept the non-sense
    pghandler argument that got added to ZCatalog. I logged the issue
    here so that Andreas Jung can look at it, as it seems like it
    was him that added this parameter.

Gotta post some info about the stuff I’ve been doing since the drive
failed. Lots of interesting stuff. I hope to have some time next week
to do so.

In the meantime, check out the EES 1.2 release that just came out


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