Plone Desktop/Nautilus Edition grows columns

While during one of the talks at FISL 6, I managed to find some
time to add columns support for my Nautilus port of Plone Desktop.

With this addition, it gets even closer, UI-wise, to the official
Plone Desktop, just pending some work on the properties window and
fixing a bug I’ve discovered yesterday on ordering menu items.

Plone Desktop 2.0 final is about to be released, a couple bugs have
been fixed since the last beta, some of them due to my work on the
Nautilus port which gives me confidence that working on the port is an
excellent thing to do with my free time!

Some of the plans for the future:

  • Work on session management, which is missing currently
  • Find out the official word for open-sourcing the code that powers
    the WebDAV backend, so I can actually release my Nautilus port
  • Ease the packaging and installation of the Nautilus extensions
  • Find people interested in mantaining this

It has been very rewarding to see how quickly it was put together, and I
have to give my special thanks to Johan Dahlin which has been
helping me out figuring and fixing interpreter deadlocks. All the work
resulting of our polishing has been included in the latest
nautilus-python and gnome-python releases.

Of special mention is the now fully-working libpythonmethod gnome-vfs
. What it does is to act as some sort of delegate between
gnome-vfs and python, allowing one to write a complete gnome-vfs
backend in pure python!

I’ve promised Johan to write a tutorial on how to write a gnome-vfs
backend in Python, let’s hope it doesn’t take too long to get around
actually doing it.


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