Web-based File Management

There was a quick mention of Zope on Slashdot today, related to
file management and web. It did mention Active Directory too and I
really felt tempted to tout for EES but the person in question was
looking for OSS.

Somewhere in the comments thread, someone mentioned ATManagedFile,
which by coincidence saw a 1.1.0 stealth release yesterday, along with
DavPack 1.1.9.

The new ATManagedFile fixes some serious issues with disappearing
files, by integrating more closely with Zope’s transaction machinery
and adding better logging and disabling implicit deletion of files.

The new DavPack fixes a issue that prevented ATManagedFile objects
from being copied and moved through WebDAV. The same fix has been
checked in into Zope 2.7, 2.8 and trunk. Along with that, the
tentative last fix for a issue with Archetypes TextField that has been
haunting me for ages.

In other news, everything set up on my side for the
Plone Symposium, just need to write my tutorial now wink.


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