Backup, never forget.

Came back from a long weekend to find my Win2k box won’t boot
anymore. A blue screen saying something in the lines of ‘could not
read initialization drive, run CHKDSK /F to fix’.

Well, the put the Win2k disk in, no ‘/F’ option. Funny. Not so funny
that running ‘CHKDSK’ with the only available options ‘/R’ and ‘/P’
would stop at 75% complaining about a unrecoverable error.

Dropped a Ubuntu Live CD in, saved the interesting stuff and ripped
the drive anew with WinXP Professional.

So, for the records, here’s how I’ve did the backup:

nc -l -p 6060 | cpio -imuvd
find . -print | cpio -o | nc 6060

Hope I never need those commands again.


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