Xapian Packages for Ubuntu Breezy

For the brave folks out there interested in Xapian and running it in
Ubuntu, I’ve built packages of Xapian 0.9.2 on Breezy. They might
work somewhere else than Breezy. If they work at all, that is. Add the
following to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://awkly.org/files/xapian binary/
deb-src http://awkly.org/files/xapian source/

And then:

apt-get install python2.3-xapian libxapian8

Note those packages are experimental. I’m no packaging pro, so I
just took the existing 0.8.5 source packages, ran uupdate and
tweaked away until the build succeeded. The packages seem to work for
me so far. YMMV.


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