Plone 3.0.0 Alpha 2 Installer for Windows (the real thing)

Ok, now this is the real thing. I had to hack my build process a little bit, but now the Plone 3.0.0 Alpha 2 Installer for Windows is ready!

Yesterday I had a small problem with the Python module ‘tarfile’ not being able to unpack some of the eggs that are now part of Plone. So what I did was to change the tarfile module to skip over those files, which end up being some Mac resource forks or whatever those are called these days. Those fancy files whose the filename starts with ‘._’.

And if you missed the post yesterday, or it turned up garbled, Enfold Systems has released beta versions of two of its main products yesterday, Enfold Server 3.0 Beta 2 (data sheet, download) and Enfold Proxy 3.0 Beta (data sheet, download). For more information check out the official announcement.

Enfold Server 3.0 Beta 2 ships with Zope 2.9.6, Python 2.4.4 and Plone 2.5.2. Both products have been through a long testing cycle, and still have a few days in its beta cycle ahead, before hitting a final release. We are already using those products in production, but recommend you to test them on a separate environment, or keep a backup handy.

We do take your feedback seriously. So try out those betas, and report your good (or bad) experiences in our support section, or even by leaving a comment on this post. We do appreciate. Help us make the experience of using Plone on Windows even better!

Worth noting is the fact that we do not require user registration anymore for downloads. That’s right. You can now download a fully functional, 30 day trial version of Enfold Server and Enfold Proxy straight from our website. No form-filling. No complexity. Just click the link and be done with it.

There are more exciting news coming out from Enfold in the next couple days. Stay tuned!

Remember, Enfold Server is the best way to deploy Plone on Windows. With built-in Active Directory, Single Sign-On through NTLM and IFilter integration, it provides an amazing out-of-the-box experience that integrates straight to the heart of your intranet.

Enfold Proxy is our generic caching solution with built-in load-balancing that ties into IIS. And it’s not Zope-specific! We’ve been using it successfully with several third-party applications, from Vignette to TurboGears.

And if your interested in desktop integration, check out Enfold Desktop 3.0 (data sheet, download), our extension to Windows Explorer that puts your documents just a drag-and-drop away from your website.


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