When Macs Go Kaput

It only happens once in a while. But sometimes, Macs go Kaput. And when it happens, there’s not much I can do. :(

Bluetooth Not Available

On Windows you can go to the Device Manager and disable/enable the device and most of the time it works. Haven’t figured a similar hack on the Mac, other than rebooting. And then people make fun of Windows for rebooting, pfft.


4 thoughts on “When Macs Go Kaput

  1. So? There are those problems that, on Windows, can be solved with a disable/re-enable (which 99% of users have no idea how to do, by the way), and those which still require a reboot. Maybe the frequency of those requiring a reboot is similar to the frequency of the above problem happening on OS X. I have no idea. And really, it doesn’t matter… this seems like a pretty dull attempt at starting an OS flamewar, by taking a defensive stance (“and then people make fun of Windows….”) in response to … nothing. :-)

  2. I guess my point got lost in that last sentence.

    There really is something very important here that people tend to forget: the great majority of the failures in an operating system are caused by faulty hardware. Got a blue screen? It’s probably some faulty RAM, or maybe even your PSU has power flutuations. There’s only so much that an OS can do to work around those.

    In this specific case, it’s probably a faulty Bluetooth device that eventually does not initialize itself correctly. And there’s not much that the OS can do, except complain about it.

    It just happens that Windows needs to run and cope with device failures in millions of different devices out there, with an infinite mix of good and bad brands. In turn, OS X has the advantage that it only has to run fine in a finite amount of devices. I believe people should keep that in mind when complaining.

  3. Why should I keep it in mind? :-)

    The point is that I buy a computing device. I don’t really care how hard it was for Microsoft to make it work, it’s still my money wasted when it doesn’t. Unfair? So what?

    Meanwhile, my Mac works very well, almost all the time (and my work Thinkpad works not-so-very-well most-of-the-time). If that wasn’t the case, my money would be going to someone other than Apple.

  4. And now, what is *your* point? My money goes to Apple too. :)

    But Apple has the same chance of screwing up as anyone else. They are not gods living out in the Olimpo, so no need to worship them. If they screw up, shame on them.

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