GSoC: Improving WebDAV in Plone

As I’ve mentioned on the previous post, I’ve just came back from PyConBrasil 3. The talks there were just amazing, and I saw some great posts from folks that attended about what they did enjoy the most.

Daia & Sid - Sandboarding

As for myself, I really loved meeting some long-time friends that I hadn’t seen since PyConBrasil 1, two years ago. After the event I had the opportunity to hang out with Nate Aune, of Plone4Artists fame. We drove from Joinville to Florianopolis, stopping at the Parque Unipraias in Camboriu. View Map

And then, the next day we did some sandboarding at the Joaquina Beach in Florianopolis. We had such a great time. Finally around 9pm we’ve dropped Nate at the Hercilio Luz Airport in Florianopolis and finally headed home, arriving at 4am, completely exausted. View Map

Nate Sandboarding

My talk was about my Google Summer of Code project, “Improved out-of-the-box WebDAV experience”. But ended up being more about the Summer of Code than about my project.

Slides available below. It’s a mix of Portuguese and English, so you might actually be able to make sense of it. :)

On my next post I will talk a little bit more about PyConBrasil itself…


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