Preparing PLIP #187 for review

I am preparing PLIP #187 for review and further inclusion into Plone 3.1, after the official announcement of the PLIPs selected for inclusion.

For a start, I’ve created a buildout starting from optilude’s own, then added the related branches and extra products into the buildout config.

At this point, it should be possible to checkout the buildout, build it and run the tests, which currently gives me 3 failures for CMFPlone, two of them apparently unrelated and one related but which apparently did not happen at the time I’ve branched.

The next step is to update my CMFPlone and Marshall branches to trunk, and possibly getting rid of the PloneTestCase I had initially created.

FWIW, all this work was done as part of my Google Summer of Code 2007 project, and it is great to see it being accepted (erm, considered?) into a proper Plone release so quickly.

PS: I’ve created a tumblr account for myself, hopefully that will help channeling all the various posts, pictures, links, etc from the various sites I participate. If anyone else has tumblr accounts, please post a comment here. Discoverability is not very great with tumblr unfortunately.


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