People Management: Interviews

Apparently there was quite some interest in my post from two days ago yesterday about People Management. Unfortunately, the content was all in Portuguese.

Today though, I have more stuff to announce. As part of my research, I’ve interviewed some key people running successful virtual teams, and some of them are known to readers of this blog.

As of today, those interviews are available as podcasts for everyone to download. So if you want to hear what Paul Everitt of Agendaless Consulting, Alan Runyan of Enfold Systems, and Christian Reis of Canonical, Inc and Async Open Source have to say about the subject, please head over to my newly-created podcast at Virtually Working.

I would really like to thank those guys for their support. They provided tons of great insight without which I would not have managed to finish my paper. And I would like to invite anyone who has more great insight about virtual teams to contact me (just comment on this blog post). I would really love to interview more people about this subject.


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