What is Crick?

The Jabber protocol has this thing called a Resource Names. It’s actually a quite interesting concept.

Some Jabber clients, for example Adium can display the Jabber Resource Name of your contacts. Some Jabber clients use their own name as the Resource Name.

Today while looking at one of my contacts, i saw it had a Resource Name of Crick.v1000xxxxxx. Curious, I’ve tried to search the web for any references to that and only found one meaningful reference, exactly one. And it seems to be from someone at google.com (the person on my contact list was from Google too).

Now, that certainly isn’t from Google Talk, because Google Talk uses a similar but different Resource Name, Talk.v10496B0A851. They are very similar though.

Maybe Crick was Google’s internal codename for Google Talk before launch? Or maybe is the codename for the next version of Google Talk? Who knows…


2 thoughts on “What is Crick?

  1. By the time I thought of that he was offline already. :)

    But, I got confirmation from someone else that indeed Crick was Google Talk’s codename. So it seems someone is still using a pre-release version of Google Talk.

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