PloneSoftwareCenter Progress

Tarek Ziadé reports on PloneSoftwareCenter progress during the Paris Sprint.

I am amazed to see the progress he and the folks helping him had so far. This is definitely all that I dreamed for when I started with the idea in January 2006. It is great to see that even though ideas take a little longer to get implemented in the Plone community that they do not simply get abandoned, but there’s always people willing to pick up an idea and turn it into reality.

Many thanks for Tarek for all of his work. Once this gets rolled out into the new it will make the life of us developers so much easier when making releases that we will ask ourselves “how could I live without this for so long”.


2 thoughts on “PloneSoftwareCenter Progress

  1. When I started to think about it and asked around if we could add this feature, I realized then that you did started it 2 years ago in a branch ! I was amazed..

    Many thanks to you Sidnei, for this great idea, you rock :D

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