Don’t talk on your “Cell Plone” while driving

It had to happen, eventually.

I’m subscribed to Google Alerts for the keyword Plone, so whenever a new article or page mentioning Plone get’s picked up by Google, I get an email alert.

Today, I got an alert from an article published by Burlington Free Press. The summary in the email alert had the following text:

Northfield teen clocked at 104 mph while talking on cell phone – Burlington,VT,USA
… driving 104 mph on Interstate 89 told police she was unaware they were
trying to stop her because she was talking on her cell plone, state police
said. …

See all stories on this topic:

Notice the text says ‘cell plone’. Clicking on that link though tells you the article doesn’t exist anymore. If you click on the second link the article shows up and it’s published under a different url, which probably means someone was quick to detect the error, correct and re-publish the article under a different url. Not quick enough for Google’s indexing system though, which was able to index the article before the correction. If you search Google for “cell plone” the original article shows up as the 5th link right now. Unfortunately, the link to the ‘cached’ version of the page does not return the original page.


One thought on “Don’t talk on your “Cell Plone” while driving

  1. Northfield teen driving at 104 mph while talking on cell phone…
    I hope the judge takes her driving licence off her for at least a year.
    But being realistic the police can only ever catch a small percentage of the teens (and older people who should know better) who think that their text or call is more important than other peoples safety, so parents are going to have to educate their kids that driving and phones do not mix.

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