Google’s to-be-unveiled Firefox-Killer

Word is out that Google is launching a new browser on the market: the Google Chrome. This announcement comes hot on the heels of Google’s agreement renewal with Mozilla foundation.

According to an article last week on NetworkWorld, “Mozilla generates
the bulk of its income from ties to Google, according to the company’s
latest financial figures. For the 2006 tax year — the most recent
numbers made public by Mozilla — 85%, or about $57 million of the
company’s $67 million in annual revenues for the year, came from

My take on this is that Google is really stabbing Mozilla on the back.
A G-Browser in my POV is much more likely to steal users from Firefox
than from Internet Explorer for a reason that should be pretty
obvious: most users that care about the browser they are using are
already using Firefox. The great majority of the remaining ones will
just stick with Internet Explorer as they have been doing all along.

Goodbye Firefox. It was great to have you here while it lasted. And thanks for all the fish.


3 thoughts on “Google’s to-be-unveiled Firefox-Killer

  1. I wouldn’t be so quick… Firefox has an enormous following, and is a very good browser (as of version 3, at least). Competition will probably make it better.

    The fact that Google’s open sourcing its new JavaScript engine is promising as well. Firefox’s JS engine is probably its biggest weakness, speed-wise.


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