Landscape Dedicated Server Announced!

This is a really short announcement, since it’s almost 4am here in Brazil and I should actually be sleeping, instead of building installers for Plone (ha!). But hey, this is exciting enough to keep some people awake all night.

Today, Canonical announces the availability of Landscape Dedicated Server!

So what is it?

One of the many things the Landscape team at Canonical has been working on since early this year is a version of Landscape that can be run on a local network, as opposed to the hosted, Software-as-a-Service version of Landscape that is available to the general public at the moment.

Many people have left us feedback saying that this would be desirable for them, and would actually make Landscape an option in environments where data cannot leave the local network boundaries due to strict policies. So if you’re one of this people or you have evaluated Landscape in the past but decided it was not for you due to this specific reason, this is the time to give Landscape a second look!

So thanks to everyone that has submitted ideas and requests for new features. We’re listening! Even more feedback-driven features are being added monthly, free of charge for existing customers, and the user interface is being polished and fine-tuned for managing large installations. Stay tuned for more announcements!


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