Call for testers: lxml 2.2.6/py2.6 Windows Binaries

Hi everyone,

After several months of silence, I finally managed to get all the needed pieces back together to build lxml again. More than once people asked over on the lxml mailing list about what happened to the said eggs. The good news is that an unnoficial release of lxml 2.2.6 for Python 2.6 on Windows is now available for testing, in 32 and 64 bit flavors. The 64 bits version was compiled without iconv support because that’s the only thing I haven’t figured out how to compile.

In case you didn’t hear about what happened, this delay was caused by a robbery that occurred on the same day I arrived in Houston, November of last year. I was with my wife and we left for a couple hours for dinner, and when we came back the place we were staying at (Robin’s Nest) had been broken into my backpack was taken, with my laptop, two cameras (with all the pictures we had taken in New York) and two cellphones. We have already replaced everything that was robbed and moved on. Thankfully Robin had insurance, which covered about half of our losses.

That was the bad news. The good news is completely unrelated to all of this: my wife is pregnant, and the babies are due in somewhere between late November/early December. Note I said babies. Yes. Twins. Apparently two girls (last ecography was a little bit to early to say, but the doctor gave us about 90% confidence). We’ve tentatively picked Laura and Rafaela for her names.

So if you’re as happy as we are about the news and want to show some gratitude, we’ve set up a Baby Registry at Babies’R’Us, and the shipping address is set to Enfold System’s office in Houston. I will be visiting my old friends there around September 10, on my way back from another Landscape sprint in Montreal to pick up the gifts and to say Hi.

Thanks everyone for your patience!


2 thoughts on “Call for testers: lxml 2.2.6/py2.6 Windows Binaries

  1. any plan to build Win7 64 eggs of lxml for Python 2.7? Or could you share how to setup the build process? I had no success with MingW etc… Thanks!

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