The child is about to birth

What a suprise! Brian Lloyd announced this morning that NZO is going
live at most this friday!

Starting today, we will be starting the transition of to
a new look and a new platform.

We plan to do the final content migration later today, so if you
are a frequent content contributor to, you may want to
hold off on new additions until the new site goes live (expected
to be Friday).

I’ve put a prominent notice on the current homepage with
the same info.

Thanks, and we’ll see you on Friday with a new!

See you on the Friday Brian, and thanks for bringing it together.

Just so you know, I’ve been in charge of NZO since last August (if
memory helps me) until earlier this month, when I left X3ng and
announced to ZC that I was leaving and NZO was on their hands
again. Lots of people were doubting that It would ever come live, so
now they’re seeing it.


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