A busy week, I must say.

That’s what I call a busy week. My eyes hurt, my back hurts, my wrists
hurt. As Chaves would say, the only thing that doesn’t hurt is my
hair. On the other hand, if I’m busy, its for a reason, and a good
one: lots of work is coming my way. I’m currently working on a project
that aims to provide an online catalog of resources for an entity
based in Canada, related to Human Security. Also, I’m working on Zope
3 and SQLObject integration for a lab in the US. A system for keeping
track of samples which will be backed by Sybase. At the time we
started, SQLObject didn’t had Sybase support, so we hacked it.

That’s the stuff that is consuming 107,5% of my useful time, but I
still have time to go to school, where I’m studing System Analysis
(currently reviewing some concepts, like the Fusion methodology, and a
new methodology created by one of our teachers, called FILM — Fusion
applied to UML, basically). Also, on the friday nights I take classes
on XML, where I’m currently learning ‘What is XML’. Nice huh?
Unfortunately I know all of that, and given the teacher’s plan for
this class, I’m probably going to learn only one or two tricks if that

Worse than that, I’m having English classes on the saturday
morning. Isn’t that amazing? The two first classes were completely
weird, because the teacher isn’t that good with technical terms, and
the class is supposed to be teaching that to us (it’s called
Technical English for Computing), and the sad part of it is that I’ve
had to explain the teacher what a blog is. Bah :(

Also this week, I’ve found out that I’m probably going to the Plone
Conference I
, in the case I’m able to get a visa in time for
it. That means I’ll be probably visiting my friends from Async, cause
it’s needed for me to go to Sao Paulo personally for an interview to
get the visa. Unofficially, Alan told
me that there will be some sprinting before the conference as well,
isn’t that nice? Another good news is that Laura Trippi seems to be
schedule for giving a lecture at the conference. So, be prepared
Laura, as we will probably be meeting this summer ;) Related to that,
today, I was notified that the payment for my travel to the Castle
arrived at the travel agency account, and my reservation is confirmed.

Completely unrelated, my gf just got the it started, and I’m probably
going to marry somewere between March and April, given that we can
make reservations for all the stuff that a wedding comprises. So, if
you’re planning to come to Brazil between now and that date, please
drop me an email so I can make a reservation for you in time!


3 thoughts on “A busy week, I must say.

  1. Hey, Sidnei, since no one also has said so: Congratulations! =}
    I don’t know what it means about “getting the it started” (and maybe it’s not polite to ask?). But I think you both must be very lucky!
    Re: the plone conf, I’ll try not to lecture, that would be too boring! But I hope I’ll see you there. =}
    ps: Oh, I like the blue font on emphasis, nice touch.

  2. Thank you!
    I said getting it started because I’ve been postponing this for like two years, hoping that I would get enough money to start building our house, but if you don’t take the first step, it may just never happen. So, it was a nice thing to give the first step. ;^)
    BTW, lecture is a false cognate. I’ve learnt that in my saturday morning english classes. It sounds like reading something in portuguese (and probably in spanish and italian too) but in fact has nothing to do with reading.
    ps: Nice to know you’ve liked the font!

  3. Also congrats + font
    Also congratulations on the upcoming marriage. Being married is very nice.
    Not-so-congratulations on the font, or rather the font color: blue. Something blueish that stands out is something people want to click upon. Blue used to be the standard (non-visited) link color.
    The color combo is nice, though. Perhaps you can try to get the same effect with swapping the link and the emphasis/bold color?
    Anyway, happy marriage!

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