Things to do in Vienna

Some things I need to remember to do in Vienna, on the upcoming Castle

  • Take some bottles of wine with me. I promised that to Phillip.
  • Ride the Bluesmobile!
  • Take lots of photos for my fiancee at home.
  • Chat with Ben Saller (and all the folks there) about the future of
  • Lobby for breaking 2.1 compatibility in Plone and Archetypes HEAD
  • Talk about backporting parts of the CA to Zope 2, ASAP!
  • Listen carefully to Paul’s ideas about XML/RDF and Archetypes
  • Meet personally the cool folks that I only know from IRC (that’s

That’s a pretty rough plan, but I wanted to write it down before
forgetting something. I’m sure there’s something missing anyway, and I
hope to remember what is it. :^)


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