First rays of the new rising sun?

Paul pointed me out two days ago that rank has grown
in the last three months, according to Alexa ranking. OTOH, rank has grown 33% over the same period. That must mean
something, though I can’t really tell for sure what. Of course the
last week there was the Plone Conference, which probably boosted
the traffic of by a few levels. And, a few months ago there
was the NZO launch, which probably brought a few more people to as well. Let’s wait for the dust to settle down and compare
again in a few months.


One thought on “First rays of the new rising sun?

  1. And google pages too
    Don’t know either about Alexa, but i noticed just today that Google answers up to 1,140,000 pages for plone!!! Compared to 2,510,000 to Zope, or 2,330,000 to websphere, or 2,170,000 to m$ content management server. Nice shot Plonista ;)

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