The truth is out there (continued)

So, looks like my previous post triggered quite a big thread on
ZopeZen. Looks like also Chris McDonough is changing his domain
to I wonder if wasn’t available.

Martin Faassen also pronounced himself, saying that the PSU denies
. Sometimes denial is acceptance. Also, taking into
account that the same PSU coordinated the move of Guido & co. to
Digital Creations
years ago. Very suspect…

I have more to write on this topic, but unfortunately I have school
and job to finish today. Expect more over the weekend.


2 thoughts on “The truth is out there (continued)

    I’m in the process of obtaining that name too. ;-) was available in the meantime. – chrism

  2. Amazing! :)
    I’m also thinking about switching my domain name. You know you need to get a shorter one when you start using Google or bookmarks to get to your own site ;)

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