New Archetypes Release (1.2.0-beta1)

Just made a new release of Archetypes. This one is still licensed
under GPL, but we plan on a license change to BSD-like soon.

This new release contains a series of bugfixes and very few
interesting features. Worth of note:

  • Updated templates to conform with the new Plone 2.0 style
  • Fixes various bugs reported and includes various patches submitted
  • Improved test suite, based on ZopeTestCase, thanks to Tiran
  • Handling of submitted values is done by the widgets now, allowing
    for better manipulation of data
  • Includes PortalTransforms from CVS HEAD (handle with care)
  • Some methods weren’t being correctly protected with a permission
  • The new BaseUnit is enabled by default now (change to the old one
    on Archetypes/ if you don’t plan to migrate yet to

There ain’t much left for getting a final release out, except writing
more and more unittests that proof that it works <wink/> and make
sure it keeps working <wink/> <wink/>.


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