Archetypes 1.2.0-beta2 Released

We’ve been fixing a couple bugs that came out in the beta1, thanks to
the people that tested and reported, so I just made a beta2 with the fixes
(release early, release often, and even more often when the last
release has bugs ;). The hilights on this release are:

License Change:

Archetypes is not licensed under the GPL anymore, but under a
BSD-like license. More details on Archetypes/LICENSE.txt. This
change has been postponed for a while and was a big blocker for some
people. I expect that it comes only to make life easier to the ones
deploying Archetypes on commercial applications.

Bugs fixed:

  • KeywordWidget was not behaving accordingly
  • BaseObject.get_size() was completely broken, because of a
    undefined variable
  • Some templates were missing a closing ‘"’, which got lost during
    the conversion to the Plone 2.0 style.
  • Added tests for KeywordWidget and RichWidget. More widget tests to
  • Fixed default view on Article of ArchExample (was pointing to the
    wrong URL.)


So, I would like to ask about two changes that I plan to make and that
may affect some people:

  1. Removal of oldBaseUnit. As I mentioned before, the newBaseUnit is
    default on this release, so people using it for the first time
    will already be using it. I don’t know how many people are using
    the BaseUnit stuff, (clue, when u use a TextField, you use
    BaseUnit), and haven’t tested to see if the migration is easy, but
    should be. I would like to propose removing the oldBaseUnit before
  2. Removal of content_driver. As the newBaseUnit uses
    PortalTransforms, there’s no more reason to keep content_driver
    around. Anyone objects to removing it as well? (Changes one or two
    are dependant, so either both will occur, or none).
  3. Ben Saller made a new Reference implementation, that is better,
    simpler, and has tests. It’s currently checked in on HEAD. He
    said that he will provide a migration script, and that it is very
    simple. Phil is testing it at the moment and will tell us how
    far he got. Anyone objects to merging this in time for the

If any of those changes is approved, it will occur in beta3, which
should come out before next monday.

Thanks for hearing!


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