LinEx, Patriotism, Brazil

Just hit this article on Wired Mag, brought via DWN:

The article talks about LinEx, a distro backed by the government of
Extremadura, Spain and makes a very nice comment about our president

… he’s considered the vanguard of social progress.

It does also mention the International Forum on Free Software,
which is bound to happen again this year.


One thought on “LinEx, Patriotism, Brazil

  1. Brazil (and Zope) in the Vanguard
    At this very moment Brazil is the leading promoter of free software and related issues at the World Summit on the Information Society and Lula is actually there in Geneva, unlike the heads of state of the European countries and the U.S.
    One thing I discovered a couple of days ago is that the web site the government has set up to coordinate free software development is Plone based. It is a bit basic at the moment. I think they must have been in a rush to go public with it in the workshop on sharing free software in the federal administration at the beginning of this month. I see they have just published a first list of funded projects. Are any of these likely to be Zope based? In general, I think that Zope needs a PAPlone to target the public administration in the same way it is doing for e-learning with EduPlone.
    — Alastair (

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