Archetypes 1.2.2 Released

While waiting for the 2.6 kernel to compile, there goes another

This release provides the come back of the autogenerated search
functionality. Thanks to Joel Burton, who took the time to
figure out how to use the feature and write some nice docs about how
to it.

In addition to the old behavior, I added another two arguments to the
function to allow passing a type and context arguments. The
type argument allows to select a single type (humm… should have made
it types), and the context attribute allows for overriding the
object which will be the context for the fake object used to render
the widgets.

Get the Tarball, and read Joel Burton’s doc on how to use the
search widgets.

WARNING: If you downloaded the tarball before Monday, Dec 15 12:30
GMT you must download it again, as there was a shallow bug that would
prevent installing.


7 thoughts on “Archetypes 1.2.2 Released

  1. Your main page layout’s broken on IE 6
    It seems to be something like 200% of the browser width, so kinda
    hard to read.

  2. PyUNO
    From Archetypes startup: Failed to import the OpenOffice PyUNO content converter. Remind me to write a doc on how to set this up as its a better converter than wvWare and income cases even MSWord.
    Consider yourself reminded :)

  3. a corruption as a reminder
    > Failed to import the OpenOffice PyUNO content converter.
    > Remind me to write a doc on how to set this up as its a better
    > converter than wvWare and in somecases ever MSWord
    in my case this error has corrupted the whole ZODB as now Zope server doesn’t want to start and only complaining about that &^%^%% reminder when debugging.

  4. disaster
    God damn it! My ZODB has been corrupted because of this!
    everything was fine until I’ve installed Archetypes and tried to restart the zope server – it doesn’t start anymore! All my documents in ZODB are lost!

  5. Archetypes reloaded
    I have had more than my fair shair of problems with Archetypes 1.3.1. I finally managed to get Zope to start with this puppy in the background. I kept copies of the old Archetype 1.25 so that I could back it out and bring my site on line. You can always do the same thing, even if you trashed the old Archetypes. Just download the files that were assocaited with 1.2.5.

    The migration of CMF to AT conversions didn’t work too well. I found that the Plone installer wasn’t as robust as the ZMI interfaces. Uninstalliong and reinstalling the various Products also helped.

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