Birthday, CMFWeblog

Today is my birthday. I wanted to watch LOTR, but its going to be on
theaters only on the 25th here in Brazil. So, Limi treatened me to do
some CMFWeblog fixing. In the lack of something better to do, here it

Please take some time to test the tarball if you have nothing better
to do during the holidays.

WARNING: This is an unofficial release, only for testing. The
tarball contains CMFWeblog and RPCAuth, which is the only
requirement, as far as I recall.


3 thoughts on “Birthday, CMFWeblog

  1. coals in your stocking?
    Hey, happy birthday, Sidnei! So, fixing up CMFWeblog, is that like getting coals in your stocking? Anyway, thanks!
    The png is pretty amazing (!). So, this means the interface/integration w/Plone’s ZMI is (more-or-less) fixed? Is it safe enough for a command-line newbie retard like me to try, or should I wait?
    BTW, the link on

  2. quotes break the comment form?
    It seems the comment form is choking on quotes? I was saying the link on the word tarball is broken but the one on here is fine (but I put the words in quotes). Also, there’s no place in the form to tell you that I’m
    as ever

  3. Thanks Laura!
    I fixed the link now. Thanks for pointing out.
    I think it should be safe for you to try it yes. Limi is also going to try it and give some polishing on the UI soon.
    As for the place to put your name, I didn’t worried fixing it because I’m going to migrate to Plone 2 anyway.

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