Me on TCL

Uhh! That’s old stuff. I had even forgot about it. Back in late
1999/2000 I was working on a project for my University, collecting
voice samples for training a speech recognizer. We were using the CSLU
which was developed in TCL. I recall we were creating a
automated interview, using the toolkit, for then collecting voice
samples. It was done using a RAD tool written in TCL, part of the
toolkit. This RAD tool worked by defining something like a state
diagram, as can be seen here, and on each state you could program
entry and exit actions, set the volume of the spoken part and the
recorded part, display visual message boxes, etc.

Oh, there is the project homepage. Now I remember, the project was
called Spoltech. Ugh, how much I hated that MS FrontPage template.

I remember I had lots of trouble wrapping my head around TCL and Tk,
as I had just learnt to program. If I still recall I had just learnt
Pascal, and a bit of C. Oh yes! And we used to have some AIX boxes
available for the project. And I managed to hack into one of the
boxes, using a known FTP exploit, as the teacher woudn’t give me the
root password.

Ah, if I only knew a bit more about Unix and if it was Python instead
of TCL, things would have certainly be different back then…

Humm… seems like my teacher, Andre Adami, is still involved with
speech recognition, or at least was, back in 2002. He was also part
of the CSLU @ OGI, together with his wife, Adriana
. Nothing can hide from Google these days. Also found his page
at my university
, which also seems to have been updated in 2002. I
wonder why I can’t find anything from 2003 related to him. Oh, there
it is
, complete with a phone number :) I should call him to give a
Merry Christmas….


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