DCWorkflow to ‘dot’ graph

Ok, so Xiru started it and made me feel dumb for not having done it
earlier. So I took the time this morning to make a small script to
export DCWorkflow definitions into a dot file, to be used by

So, here goes it:

To use the script, just drop it at the root of your CMF/Plone site,
and call it passing the workflow id that you want to export as the
wf_id parameter. It’s really simple stuff, and I think its
possible to put more info into the graph, but haven’t studied the
dot format enough to do it. :)

An interesting fact is that in the process of exporting the dot
file, I ended up finding a missing transition on the
folder_workflow of Plone. Better fix it :)


4 thoughts on “DCWorkflow to ‘dot’ graph

  1. Plone / GraphVis Integration
    Anybody integrated GraphBis with Plone so that someone can view the relationships between objects/custom products/content? I htnk it would be insanely useful.

  2. huh?
    What kind of relationship between custom content and products you would like to see? Something like:
    Document -> CMFDefault
    Photo -> CMFPhoto
    PhotoAlbum -> CMFPhotoAlbum?
    I don’t see much use for this.

  3. A more specific example

    Say I have a company product, which has attributes of a description, its investors (which is a product with its own attributes
    Name, size, found, focus, stage,etc…), its technology (with its own attributes and content), its products (same), and its key personnel (executive management team, Board of Directors). I would like to be able to visually examine the infomation. Trust me, this would be exceptionally useful: 1) most people are visual learners, so it will make the information easier to understand, 2) it, along with the ability to easily and rapidly create new products (Archetypes) and the ability to easily define and structure custom metadata (CMFmetadata and Archetypes), will enable Plone to become a world class knowledge management system

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