Vacation, finally!

I’ve been waiting for months, and now there it is, just a few hours

I’m going on vacation this friday, and back probably on the 10th (or
12th, depending on the weather). Going to the beach. Although the
weather has been misbehaving in the last few days, which seemed like a
out-of-season winter, the situation should improve in the following
days, according to the weather forecast.

I’m going to be mainly unreachable. No cell phone, no computer, no
nothing. Sweet. It should be good to my wrists as well, which have
been complaining in the last weeks. Too much work, which is good on
one side.

Wedding planning is going ok this far as well, with a few ups and
downs. We will need to do better on delivering the invitations after
the vacation. I should be in school again this year, doing some study
on Artificial Intelligence and some other nice subjects which may be
available for me on the registration, which is scheduled for the 12th.

I need to writeup some day about the way school works here, as I
think its an interesting subject.

So, have a nice time y’all, and wish me a good time on sunny beach!

Never thought I would be so happy for being south from Equator ;)



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