Packing up (again)

Here am I, a few hours from leaving to the snow-sprint, a bazillion
things to do, including finding a new home and setting up stuff for my
wedding, on March 20th.

I need to go out this evening to find some gloves, cause I don’t have
any, and people say I need to bring gloves with me. Seems like the
temperature is around -20C in Schruns.

Many thanks to Jodok Batlog, from Solution2u and Bibliotheca
Hertziana for allowing me to be there.

As for the wedding, I would really love to invite everyone, but its
very expensive to come over to Brazil just for a few days, and the
place I live is rather far from the big towns. Instead, if you are
happy for me and want to demonstrate that, please use the Make a
button on the right to send me a gift via PayPal. Any
amount will be highly appreciated, and your name will always be in my


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