Snow Sprint Report (Part 4)

It’s not over yet! It will surely take long before I enter another
adventure as full of happenings as this one.

In Stuttgart, we decided to walk around a bit during the nite to get
used to the city, and to wait for the next morning to visit
BodyWorlds. We had another Donner, and then Alan decided to go to an
internet cafe to check the address and times for BodyWorlds. To his
(and my) surprise, he was wrong about the city. BodyWorlds was in
Frankfurt, and not in Stuttgart as he thought. So, we decided
to do it the right way this time, and plan every step beforehand. I
had my flight departing from Zurich on the Tuesday, 10pm and Alan
wanted to go Amsterdam to hangout with Lon, from Q42. We checked
all the schedules to make sure we would be able to get to our
destination at the right times, and on the next morning Alan bought
the tickets for us to Frankfurt, plus my ticket from Frankfurt to
Zurich, and his from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, as well as make the
reservation of his flight from Amsterdan back to Houston.

Time proved that planning is always the best thing to do, and
everything went as planned. We got to the BodyWorlds with enough time,
and we even had time to visit Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules on the
Museum fur Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt. Actually we didn’t even knew
that it was open during these days, but accidentally found ourselves
in front of the museum during a walk (while trying to find nice gifts
for the girls at home).

From the museum, we went straight to the Haupftbanhof, where we had
left our luggage on the lockers, about 15 minutes before my
departure. Alan’s train would leave one hour later, so, time to say

After all, I think it was an amazing trip. If wasn’t for the fact that
we didn’t plan well after leaving the sprint location, it would had
been perfect. I’m looking forward to the next one!

I would like again to thank Jodok for his excellent planning of the
sprint, and all the sponsors who made money available for the sprint to
actually happen. I would also like to thank Alan for having paid a
good amount of my expenses after we left the sprint (I didn’t had
enough money with me, unfortunately).

Oh, and I almost forgot. There are a lot of photos I took during
the days I’ve been there, thanks to my mother, which allowed me to
borrow her brand-new digital camera.

Interesting things I’ve learnt during this trip:

  • German uses a stylized ‘B’ (which reminds me of the greek ‘beta’)
    which on spoken word sounds like a double ‘s’ (ss). They even seem
    to write it as a double ‘s’ when the letter is not available (maybe
    misconfigured keyboards?). So, "Domstraße" -> "Domstrasse".
  • Fanta outside Brazil is yellowish for some reason. I asked
    around and it seems it’s like that everywere, except in Brazil,
    where it’s more like bright orangish.
  • Zwellings -> Twins.
  • Lots of other german words that I forgot in the course of the last
    two weeks :(
  • Donner Kebab is a really nice food, and it seems to be from turkish
    origin. It’s made of lamb meat. The more pepper, the better.
  • Hum. Just found out about Googlism. Check out What is Plone,
    and What is Zope

3 thoughts on “Snow Sprint Report (Part 4)

  1. Prague & Kebap
    You missed so much not seeing Prague (Praha). It’s a beautiful city with big and old centre. People there are also great.
    I totally agree with Kebap. It tastes great, I had one today for lunch, and 1/2 of it is still waiting for late afternoon. I also love it being “scharf” – with lots of paprika. Everywhere they make it a little different. I love those that I can get near my house.
    Twins = die Zwillinge, not Zwellings.

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