Wedding is quickly approaching. One week and counting. Some quick
notes so people know I’m not dead yet wink.

  • Archetypes 1.2.5 rc4 is out, for inclusion on Plone 2.0. It fixes a
    long standing issue with disappearing metadata.
  • I’m working on a new project while the Zope3-based project is
    cooking the last mile. This far I’ve got a nice extension for
    PROPFIND/PROPPATCH in Zope 2, and fixed some issues with DAV in
    Plone by side-effect.
  • Nice reading: Still Life with Woodpecker, which Alan gave me as a
    gift when we found a bookstore in Frankfurt.
  • Nice movie: 25th hour by Spike Lee.
  • Amazing movie: Lost in Translation, recommended to me by Alan.
  • Seems like Kiko is not coming for the wedding.
  • I’m going paintball tomorrow with the folks from X3ng.

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