Learning, this week on school…

Been learning about Deterministic Finite Automaton, which is a kind
of Finite State Machine. Humm. A trip to Wikipedia would have been
worth more than two hours at school. Oh, well. Anyway, the subject is
nice, and helped me understand more about the obscurities behind
Regular Expressions.

In AI, been learning about Expert System. Again, a visit to
Wikipedia would have been more valuable. :) This brought my
attention to Prolog, which I’ve been always curious about, but
never tried. I must admit that the concept behind fascinates me, and
I’ve even dreamed about it last night. My dream was about using
Prolog to build a knowledge base to then be exported to RDF, and
also the inverse: Given a set of RDF definitions, transform them into
a format that can be loaded into Prolog. I still have to figure out if
this would be of any practical use though, as it seems the only
advantage would be to use Prolog’s internal predicate matching to find
connections between subjects.

Another nice idea would be to convert from Prolog statements or RDF
statements into graphviz dot format.

On a side note, GSS seems like a very very neat thing to try.

Update: It seems like IsaViz already uses graphviz and dot
internally to generate the SVG that will then be imported. The fact
that I came to the same idea shows that I was on the right track after
all, the only difference being that I would implement it in Python
instead of Java. :)


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