Blog gardening and some assorted thoughts

Took some time to do some blog gardening today. Mostly minor changes,
but I’ve been meaning to do that for ages.

First, I’ve setup a simple workflow for comments so that when people
create a new comment I get a nice email. Unfortunately I’ve missed
most of the nice comments in my blog at the time they got
posted. Sorry people, I’m taking the time this week to read them all

Second, I’ve imported some code from Plone 2.1 to create nice URLs
from an arbitrary string. After that I’ve renamed all of the posts
using this code so that we get better URLs.

This was the funniest part, because I did a copy-and-paste from the
old location of the blog posts to the new location, and that triggered
the comments workflow, which generated a mail for every single
on my blog. Ooops. Well, not bad after all. Now I have all
the comments available for reading on a nice folder inside mutt :)

Lastly, I’ve changed CMFWeblog to pass the post title through the
normalizeString function when generating a URL. That done, I’ve
tested it and it worked like a charm.

I still like CMFWeblog. Should really make a new release with the
minor improvements I’ve been putting together along the time. The
problem with CMFWeblog is that:

  1. It doesn’t look pretty out of the box
  2. It’s a bit hard to make some of the most requested customizations
  3. It targets mainly the APIs, while people expect to post using a
    browser. Yuck.

In these aspects, Quills does a much better job than CMFWeblog. Which
reminds me tvon has offered space on Etria to host my
Plone Desktop/Nautilus extension. Humm… I also have to figure out
the licensing issues with Enfold.

Quickly reading through the comments, I’ve found out about the semweb
extension to SWI-Prolog, and Triple20 in replies to this
. Looks like very cool stuff. Going to mail that to my AI

That’s all for today folks. Later this week I’m going to Sao Paulo to
see if I manage to get a U.S. Visa, so I can attend to the
Plone Symposium later in July. Hope to see everyone again up there.